"I signed up for career counselling and I met Sabine as the coach. From the minute she said hi to me, I felt heard. She is extremely kind, she listens intently and she makes it ok to be honest about anything. I was amazed at how quickly she figured out who I am, and she analyzed me perfectly. I left the conversation with clarity on who I am and a general idea of where I am going. Best thing is, she helped me bring out stuff that was already in me. It was like getting advice from a friend and an exceptional professional at the same time. I like how insightful she is. I like her patient approach that helped me really think about who I am. I also like that she gave me tools to continue on the journey that will help my career ad my personal life. I had struggled with being honest about who I am, what I want and the career that would be best for me. I was also afraid to say that I am afraid and I do not know the exact way. Thanks to Sabine, I have clarity and I understand myself as I am. I would recommend her 1000 times to anyone. You will get value, professionalism, a listening and understanding ear, and help in finding the right direction." 

Andalia M.

"Sabine ist über ihre herausragende Empathie sowie ihre fundierte Ausbildung und jahrelange Erfahrung aus meiner Sicht prädestiniert für ihre Tätigkeit als Coach. In meiner Begleitung hat sie mir an allen Stellen die richtigen Fragen gestellt. Sie arbeitet immer für den Coachee und bleibt im Prozess, greift steuernd nur dann ein, wenn es wirklich erforderlich ist. Auch für diese Notwendigkeit hat sie ein ganz besonderes Gespür. Sie lebt den Job als Coach, was dem Ganzen eine unheimliche Leichtigkeit und Natürlichkeit gibt, die ihresgleichen sucht. Ich werde mich immer wieder vertrauensvoll mit meinen Themen an Sabine wenden, sie hat für mich ihre Passion und Berufung gefunden."

Nicole F.

"2019 I was looking forward to join the 'difficult conversations' Training with Sabine as Trainer. She was strongly recommended as Trainer and Coach for this Training. I experienced her as highly skilled Trainer and Coach. This is due to the excellent Knowledge, the eye-level perception, and the very sensitive handling of the Topic of conflict handling. I got due to the clarity and the intense of the Training strong Impulses for my daily life at work and private. In her role as Coach she also joined some participants in the triggered self-reflection process and steps beyond the Training. Excellent Job! And all done in a time boxed manner."

Klaus Z.

"I attended the "Ready for coachable moments" training held by Sabine. She was extremely professional. I had immediatly the feeling she cared about the topic and the persons she was teaching to. I felt she is someone one can trust and is surely a great coach. Sabine has great facilitation skills and works not only with her mind but also with her heart. "

Monica M.

"In 2019 I participated in Sabine´s "Ready for difficult conversations" 2-days training. Sabine is a wonderful tutor and coach, very knowledgeable, super prepared, ready to answer any question, making her points without "teaching" but by bringing you along and sharing her understanding and conclusions. The course opened my eyes to the multiple layers and complexities of human (mis-) communication. It´s rare to find these skills in any trainer."

Matthias L.

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